Best Places for Chae Party

Best Places for Chae Party

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Tea ‘Chae’ is one of the most famous and liked beverages in the Balochistan Province. There are different kinds of tea people daily drinks at home and various spots.

If you are from Quetta and don’t know about these spots, or you are coming to Quetta for vacations and wants to know the best spots for tea, then you have come to the right place.

Gobar Hotel 

Gobar Hotel is located in Killi Ismail, an area near to Jinnah Town Quetta. The quality of there Chae is considered in the first place.

Khan Hotel Quetta

Khan hotel is the second best Chae spot in Quetta. The quality of their chai is considered in the second place. Khan hotel is located at Joint Road Quetta.

There is a huge space available indoor and outdoor for males but if you are with your family you have to order and enjoy the Chae in your car.

Shalimar Railway Cafe

Shalimar Railway cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Quetta that provides good quality, Chae. There is a lot of space available for the customers, and the most amazing thing for all those who are traveling from other cities.

They can easily enjoy their chae after reaching to quetta via train. Because the Cafe location is very close to the Railway Station.

Mehfil Restaurant

Mehfil Restaurant is located in the Airport Road Quetta. Although the restaurant is famous for their food still, you can visit this restaurant for drinking Chae. This place is ideal for families.

Chae Shae Quetta

Chae Shae is located near the University of Balochistan Quetta. They are good in quality and taste, you can easily go to this spot with your family.

The spot I have mentioned above is providing the desi style chae to the customers. Most of the customers like the desi type chae so we only mentioned them in the article. There are others spot too but we only mentioned the quality places for the readers.

Note: If you think there are some other chae spots which we forgot to mention here, You can send us the details on our facebook page inbox. We will add them in the article accordingly.

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