Huma Amir

A Sculpture Artist from Balochistan

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A sculpture is basically a work of art that is produced by shaping different things like stone, wood clay or another material.

Sculpture in the early days has filled many rules and roles in human life. It is an Art creating from thousands of years. There is somehow fewer opportunities in Pakistan for sculpturist artists and the talent is still available but needs a support and recognition to stay alive this art in Pakistan.

If we talk about Balochistan so there are so many peoples who still love this art and working on it without any support and doing it by their own expenses.

One of the same example I am going to share with you about a talented sculpture artist from Balochistan so without any delay let’s have a quick information about the artist.

Huma amir is a 21-year-old Sculpture artist belongs to Dera Allah Yar District Jaffarabad Balochistan. If we talk about her education so not only in art but she also studied fashion designing too. The Mission of Huma amir is to aware the society about the female problems they face with the help of Sculpture art.

There are none to fewer sculpture artists in Balochistan but Huma amir did all the art without any specific support and spends her own money to start her passion. Females like Huma need a lot of praises and appreciation because of her work which really shows a positive image of talented people from Balochistan to all around the world.

We wish Huma a successful future ahead.

A video About her Art

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