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Rehmat Ullah – Social Activist from Chaman

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Rehmat Ullah is born and raised at Chaman, Balochistan. He is a graduate of Political Science and completed his degree from the University of Balochistan.

If talking about the achievement so he is a regular Social Media Activist and also came live on several online interviews with the popular personalities like Rehan Allahwala and many more.

He also gives motivational Speaking to the followers on the different platform. There is some reason which he really deserves appreciation for and one of them is establishing a school in the hometown.

He is a kind of person who really believes that education is the building block of society. It is a necessary thing for the country and a good way to pay back to society.

With this perception, he is working for the hometown children by providing them with a well standard school. He is the director and founder of Iqra Asian International School Chaman. The school is good and providing education with the best possible ways.

Videos of Rehmat Ullah


Rehan Allahwala Talking About Rehmat Ullah School Initiative

Social Account of Rehmat Ullah


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