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Have you watched or heard about a popular Show Idea Croro ka at Neo Tv? Well, if yes then you are also aware of the main reason for the show.

If you don’t then I am going to show some of the reasons which are somehow a kind of related idea of National Incubation Center.

Idea Croro ka show is basically a platform for the youngsters who are planning to resolve any problem of the world by creating new or let say innovating something. 

While on the other hand, the successful entrepreneurs from different multinational organizations listen to the ideas and if the idea clicks their minds and really have the potential of growing the needs and business they will provide them the desired money to expand the project with profit negotiation.

If talking about (NIC) National Incubation Center Quetta so it is a kind of the same platform for the people of Quetta. The level cannot be comparable with Idea Croro Ka but the main thing is to facilitate the ideas in the best way. 

There are lots of incubation centers providing the space, facilities and other necessitates that a startup needs to grow their ideas into broad business.

National Incubation is also the same thing that is providing space, facilities to the groups of different potential and strong ideas that can change or make innovation by solving the solutions of the society.  

They also provide sessions of some of the Seniors who grow and become successful with the help of Incubation centers and now holding the business of million rupees. 

The team comes from different regions of Pakistan just to motivate and guide the teams in Quetta about the hurdles they faced while achieving the targets and provides them with the best solutions.

The National Incubation Center is physically established at Buitems University Quetta. 

Read What NIC Quetta say about their Services

NIC Quetta – an incubation center that creates lasting economic impact by successfully supporting startups and emerging technology companies to create and/or commercialize knowledge intensive products and services through the incubator. BUITEMS envision the National Incubation Center Quetta, to “Become a leading incubator in the region that will function as a supporting environment for the development of innovative, high-growth/high impact and ICT based start-ups.”

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