Cultural Photographs of Balochistan [2019]

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The pictures posted below are the property of a talented and young photographer from Quetta. Waqas Khan is one of the talented personality, and his work is already featured on different platforms.

Hotel Paratha photography

Beautiful Picture of Paratha, which is also known as Flatbread. It is the most common thing you can eat at local hotels of Balochistan.

Old Man drinking tea photography

The most respectful person in our community. Beautiful picture of an old man enjoying local tea at a hotel.

Father with kids drinking tea photography

Father is the main shield of any family, and this amazing person is enjoying tea with his sweet sons. 

tea pot photograph

Traditional teapot photography. 

Tea making photograph in rain

Beautiful Glimpse of rain, and labor making tea.

shinay dry fruit photography

Shinay is one of the most selling dry fruits of winters in Quetta.

Tasty Seeds photography

Picture of local dry fruit stall in Quetta.

Dry fruits photography

A local stall owner selling dry fruit.

Tea Pouring balochistani style photography

The process of pouring a traditional cup of tea, beautiful picture by the photographer.

walnut photography

Quetta is the hub for selling good quality and fresh dry fruits. One of the beautiful photograph by the photographer.

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