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Sami Ullah – Islamic Youtuber From Quetta

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Sami Ullah was born and raised in Quetta Balochistan. He is a multi-talented personality if we talk about video editing, voice art, and article writing.

If talking about his achievement, so, he is running different Youtube channel with hard work and dedication. He used to upload earning videos on a youtube channel and the name of the channel is Sami Bhai.

Besides that, He is a video editor at Muslim Videos. It is an Islamic broadcasting network that broadcasts special Mufti Tariq Masood Lecture’s and they have got special permission from the mufti Tariq Masood Official team.

He also owns and writes articles on Sami Voice. It is a website where he uploads different Islamic categorical articles. It consists of different health tips in the light of Islam and other different news’s.

He also works on Golden tips. It’s a youtube channel that uploads videos on different Ideas about Life.

Golden Tips also share Different Moral boosting Stories, Histories, Quotes of different philosopher’s of the world. So, if you are interested in these type of videos, you can enjoy it by subscribing to his channel.

He is one of the hardworking individuals on youtube and having lots of subscribers who daily watch Islamic videos and turns to a right path in their life. 

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  1. Mere baray mai nhi syna kia i m also from quetta working online earning around 10 k to 14 k dollar per month but i m not utuber i m doing something else my name is …….

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